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Foreign Stock Trading

Together with our partner, we assist our clients to trade globally in the US, Australia, Singapore, London, Shanghai B, Shenzhen B, Indonesia, Thailand, Tokyo stocks exchange, etc.

Clients are able to use their new or existing trading accounts to purchase and sell foreign shares. All foreign stocks purchased or sold shall be credited or debited through SJ Securities' omnibus CDP account and/or other foreign stock trading account that SJ Securities may open and maintain from time to time.
For Retail, Margin or Collaterized account, the purchase settlement date is on T+1 Day. In the event of default in payment, we shall sell out custody shares to set-off the overdue purchases. The mode of purchase payment is by cash or cheque. The trading limit will be based on remisier's cash collateral position. No contra is allowed and all settlements shall be made in Ringgit Malaysia.
No margin or collateral value shall be given on foreign stocks and it's applicable to all margin, collaterized and remisier's pledged accounts. Brokerage charges and other charges for all matched trades will be subject to the charges imposed by our partner broker and SJS.